Forms & Documents

Below you will find downloadable versions of forms and documents provided for your convenience by the Grand Commandery of Ohio.  You can download any of the documents below by clicking on them and saving them (depending on your particular device and browser).

Any SK that has ALL of the former Proceedings on the Flash Drive available from Grand Commandery, can download from the website to their own flash drive the latest set of Proceedings.

181st – Grand Proceedings

180th – Grand Proceedings

179th – Grand Proceedings


Grand Warders Report, Modified 2024 (PDF)

Ganion’s Roster

2023 Pre-Prints

Minutes of the 181st Grand Conclave

UAR 2024

Annual Inspection Form 2024

Protocol Revised 2023

Discrepancy Report Form Worksheet

Health Assessment Form (PDF)

Christmas, Easter and Ascension

Annual Return (PDF)

Endowed Membership Application

Meritorious Service Award Nomination

Demit Form Fillable

Procedure for Amending By-Laws (Updated 2022)

Suspension Notice NPD

Suspension Notice NMA

Public Civic & Patriotic Report

Election Returns (PDF)

KT Petition (Fillable)

Attendance Record Worksheet

Attendance Record (PDF)

Order Form UPDATED

Example Budget

Petition for Affiliation Demit (new)

Petition for Affiliation Good Standing (new)

Petition for Restoration (new)

Plural Membership Petition (new)

Certificate of Good Standing (new)

Citation Cord Application

GE Membership Jewel Form (PDF)

Veteran Emblem Presentation Form (Word)

Veteran Emblem Presentation Form (PDF)

Petition for Membership

2023 Ritual Competition & Rules

Grand Warders Report 2022 (PDF)

Knight Templar Cross of Honor Form